Spiced Doughnuts   12.
Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream, Condensed Caramel

Raspberry-Rose Sorbet   12.
Coconut Haupia, Lychee

Caramelized Milk Chocolate Pudding   12.
Passion Fruit, Chocolate-Hoisin Cake, Toasted Sesame Ice Cream



French Press
Single  3. | Full  8.

Espresso  3.

Cappuccino  4.

Vietnamese Coffee  5.

Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Novo Coffee & Hand-Shaken Cream  12.

TEA  5.

GenmachiaiThis organic green tea includes roasted grains of brown rice for a toasty, nutty flavor.

Gunpowder GreenTraditional organic Chinese green tea.

Peach PassionChinese tea with a delicate peach infusion.

Black TigerAn energizing black tea from South Western India.

Black ChaiA blend layering malty black tea with a myriad of warm spices.

Coconut BlackHealthy coconut and energizing black tea.

Persian Lime* – A refreshing rooibos tea, with hints of lime and graceful notes of cream.

Evening Solace* – A relaxingherbal blend with chamomile, mint, and a hint of fruit.


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