Coconut Sorbet
Pomegranate Pearls, Rocky Mountain Root Beer
Kiuchi No Shizuku Whisky, Japan  15.

Dark Chocolate Tart
Toasted Candlenut, Raspberry Ice Cream, Ginger Glass
Royal Tokaji, Hungary  13.

Yuzu Meringue
Passion Fruit, Hibiscus Boba, Mint
Joto Yuzu Infused Sake  10.

Spiced Doughnuts
Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream, Condensed Milk
Blandy’s 15 Year Malmsey Madeira  16.


French Press
Single  3. | Full  8.

Espresso  3.

Cappuccino  4.

Vietnamese Coffee  5.

Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Novo Coffee & Hand-Shaken Cream  12.

TEA  5.

GenmachiaiThis organic green tea includes roasted grains of brown rice for a toasty, nutty flavor.

Gunpowder GreenTraditional organic Chinese green tea.

Peach PassionChinese tea with a delicate peach infusion.

Black TigerAn energizing black tea from South Western India.

Black ChaiA blend layering malty black tea with a myriad of warm spices.

Coconut BlackHealthy coconut and energizing black tea.

Persian Lime* – A refreshing rooibos tea, with hints of lime and graceful notes of cream.

Evening Solace* – A relaxingherbal blend with chamomile, mint, and a hint of fruit.


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